Freitag, 3. Mai 2013

Die Pfahlbauerin - Albert Anker

In the Museum zu Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen, I had a surprising encounter with Albert Anker, Swiss Artist 1831-1919. I have to confess that I underestimated his art. Frankly I thought his paintings were boring. What a misapprehension! His paintings are full of a special light and the people in his pictures are full of deeply expressed feelings. You have to see it for yourself... ;)

If I go to an exhibition I always have my moleskin, pencil and colors with me. I sit in front of my favorite painting for a long time, to really study it and take it in. I try to draw the part of the painting that is fascinating me the most.
I recommend you to try it. You will get a deeper connection to the artwork and always remember what it is that touches you in this painting.

My own dreamlike painting

Couple of weeks ago I visited the Kunsthaus Zürich and rediscovered my love for the dreamlike art of Chagall. His paintings are so full of meaning and symbols. If you have the chance visit the exhibition, it's still on till the 12.05.2013.

Secret hiding place